We use our plumbing systems every day, relying on them for drinking water, cooking, cleaning, and so much more, but most of us know little about how they function and even less about repairing them. Most homeowners have the same common plumbing questions, so we wanted to take this opportunity to address them and give you answers from our experienced plumbing technicians.

How do I winterize my plumbing?
A lot of the questions we get asked by homeowners surround winterizing plumbing, which is a common problem for cottage owners and homeowners alike in Canada. The best way to winterize your plumbing if you are going to be vacating your home, cottage, or chalet for a long period of time during the winter is by completely draining the lines. To effectively clear the pipes, you’ll need to turn off the water, open all of the plumbing, including faucets and valves, and use air to blow any remaining water out of the line.

How long will my water heater last?
This is one of the most common plumbing questions we get asked because hot water is the first thing that comes to mind for homeowners when they think about their plumbing. While there isn’t an exact answer because it depends on the model, its usage, and the water quality in your area, most modern water heaters will last at least 8-12 years if properly maintained.

Why is my water pressure so low?
The interesting thing about the water pressure in your home is that it has more to do with volume than pressure. Low water pressure is usually the result of low supply volume, a depleted well, or clogged pipes creating a bottleneck. You can increase the volume and consequently the pressure by installing a booster pump, rectifying the well situation, or by getting your old clogged pipes cleared or replaced.

Where is my main water shut off valve?
Whenever our clients call us in a panic due to a plumbing emergency this is the most common question they ask. It’s a good idea to locate the valve before you run into trouble, but every home has a different location for them. In most homes, the valve is in the basement, and it’s usually near your outdoor meter because it’s located where the line to the meter and your house meet.

Why is my water cloudy?
Cloudy water can be caused by several things, and it usually isn’t harmful to consume even though it might look dirty. Cloudiness is usually caused by air bubbles, harmless amounts of sediment, or sulphur, but in most cases, you can rectify the issue with a water filter.

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