Whether by accident or on purpose, kitchen drains have seen some pretty strange things, from wedding rings and action figures, to rotten milk and flat soda. For the most part, kitchen drains are pretty resilient, but when they do clog, it can be wildly inconvenient and stressful. In order to avoid any future drain clogs in your kitchen sink, make sure that you never intentionally put these five things down the drain.

Cooking Oils
Traditionally, people don’t assume cooking oil can be a problem for your drain. Seemingly, oil isn’t solid enough to cause an obstruction, and it goes down the drain with the water no problem. In reality, cooking oil and grease are both very bad for your pipes and can cause severe damage and drain clogs. When mixed together and left to fester, water and oil will solidify the grease in your pipes and cause a major blockage.

Produce Stickers
Although most people do not intentionally try to push produce stickers down the drain of their kitchen sink, sometimes when washing fruits or veggies the sticker can fall off and get washed down the drain with the running water. These stickers are not water-soluble so they can become trapped in your pipes and eventually create drain clogs. Make sure to always take off the sticker before washing your produce.

It can be tempting to rinse out a bowl you were just using to bake, and let the flour dissolve in the running water, but do not try this! Pouring flour down the drain can cause it to mix with the water and create a sort of dough in your pipes! This solidified flour will stick to your pipes and will not allow anything else to pass through, causing some awful drain clogs.

When it comes to drain clogs, eggshells are no yolk! Under no circumstances (even if you have a garbage disposal) should you be putting eggshells down your drain. Eggshells are very resilient and they are very difficult to break down into fine enough pieces to go down the drain without trouble. Always properly dispose of your eggshells in the garbage or the compost after they’re used.

Coffee Grounds
After your morning coffee, it seems very convenient to simply rinse any leftover coffee grounds down the drain and go about your business, but unfortunately, because many people feel this way, coffee grounds are a very common way to clog your kitchen sink. Over time, these leftover grounds can fill up the trap in your drain and suddenly water has to go through a thick filter of coffee grounds to get through your pipes, causing slower draining and sometimes, full drain clogs.

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