Home Plumbing Improvements & Renovations

Kitchen Plumbing Renovations 

Kitchen improvements are some of the first things that most homeowners choose to work on during their home plumbing renovations. It’s where they spend the majority of their time with their families and friends, but a shoddy plumbing job can ruin months of hard work. Fahrhall Plumbing’s kitchen plumbing renovations services include but are not limited to: 

Garburator Installation
Pot Filler Installation
Filtered Water Faucet Installation
Plumbing Fixture Installation
Dishwasher Installation

Bathroom Plumbing Renovations

Bathrooms and plumbing go hand in hand, but a poor plumbing job can quickly undo all of the hard work you put into your home and bathroom improvements and renovations, which is why it’s so important to work with licensed professionals. Renovating your bathroom is an opportunity to take a space that fulfills your basic needs and turn it into a relaxing space where you can unwind and cleanse your body and mind.

Our team of experienced plumbers can help make your dream bathroom a reality by installing the plumbing for:

Steam Rooms
Proudly carrying some of the top brands in the industry!

Why choose Fahrhall? 

We’ve been serving Windsor residents’ plumbing installation and service needs since 1967. Every member of our experienced team is licensed, certified, bonded, and highly skilled. We pride ourselves on providing every one of our clients with reliable service and quality equipment.

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