Finding mould in your home is a serious issue that requires professional attention to properly eliminate it from your home. Plumbing service will help you control high-moisture problem areas in your home to ensure mould growth is discouraged moving forward.


Mould most commonly refers to fungi that grows on materials used to build your home. Coughing, increased phlegm buildup, wheezing, difficulty breathing and throat, eye and nose irritation are all often attributed to the presence of mould in the home.


Mould is most commonly identifiable by its presence behind walls and tiles in rooms that are often exposed to moisture. A visual inspection will help you determine if your home has mould. Look for discolouration on your floors, walls, ceiling, carpet and anywhere else moisture can reach and linger.


Mould will begin to grow if it is provided with a viable environment, i.e. if there is a lack of ventilation and sufficient moisture. Bathrooms are often susceptible to mould growth due to daily activities like showering or taking baths that produce a lot of steam. Mould can also result from water infiltrating your home through cracks in your foundation. You may also have plumbing leaks or areas in your home that encourage moisture condensation.

When you call for plumbing service, you’ll notice that the technician will examine all these possibilities and more to determine what is causing mould growth.


If you see or strongly suspect mould, act immediately. Mould can begin growing within 48 hours, so it’s critical that you call for plumbing services and control the mould situation as quickly as possible. Our Fahrhall Home Comfort Specialists will help you determine the conditions of mould growth in your home and make all necessary plumbing repairs. They can also help you prioritize what further services you may require to prevent mould from reoccurring.

Remember that moisture can be controlled — all causes of moisture should be identified and taken care of appropriately. In the future, keep in mind to ensure:

  • Plumbing leaks and other issues are promptly repaired.
  • All outdoor drains and water irrigations point and slope away from your home.
  • All eavestroughs are cleaned of leaves and other debris buildup to prevent clogging and eventual flooding into your walls.
  • Ventilation is used appropriately in all instances where moisture will occur.
  • Switch to dry-fast fabrics and other materials that will not hold moisture and encourage mould growth.

We are committed to helping our customers in every way possible, whether it’s through plumbing service or through heating, ventilation or cooling service needs — we’re here to help.

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