Whether you are getting ready for work in the morning and the bathroom sink isn’t draining from washing your face, or you’re trying to do your dishes after dinner but there’s something in the pipes blocking the water, we’ve all experienced sink clogs at some point in our lives. Every home has plumbing issues with their sinks from time to time, and what a pain a clogged sink can be! The next time something like this happens to you, here are some reasons why your sink may be clogged, and how to unclog the sink yourself before calling in the experts for help.

What Does a Clogged Sink Look Like?
If you’re not sure if your sink may be clogged, some of the telltale signs of a sink with something stuck in its pipes are:

  • Slow or stagnant draining
  • A rotten smell coming from the kitchen sink
  • A sewage smell coming from the bathroom sink
  • Bubbles in the toilet when you run the bathroom sink

Why Your Sink May Be Clogged
There are a number of reasons why a kitchen or bathroom sink may be clogged. In the kitchen, grease, oils, or food from dirty dishes may have built up over time and clogged the pipe, a small object could have fallen down the drain, or perhaps a build-up of soap and detergent caused the blockage.

In a bathroom, there is a much higher chance of soap and beauty products like creams and make-up being the culprits of a clogged drain, it’s also common that strands of loose hair can block pipes when they cling together, and at times small items like rings and earrings can be accidentally dropped get stuck in the pipes. No matter what it is, a clogged drain can happen quicker and easier than we think!

How to Unclog it Yourself
Unclogging a sink is not unlike unclogging a toilet. Once you’ve determined that something is blocking the drain, fill your sink partially with water, and with a clean plunger begin carefully plunging the drain. The plunger should release whatever was stuck in your drain and send it downward, and you’ll know it worked when the water in your sink begins to drain.

Know When to Call the Experts
If after a few tries at plunging your sink there is still a blockage, this means that it is beyond a simple fix and it’s time to consult the experts. Do not try to take the drain apart yourself or put anything else into it if you’re not trained to do so, as this could worsen the situation. At this point, you should call the experts at Fahrhall immediately, as a drain left unclogged can do significant damage to your sink and your pipes.

A clogged drain isn’t the end of the world, but it sure is frustrating!
Attempt to unclog your drain yourself, and if all else fails, our experts are here to help you!

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